Hindu Daily Prayers

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Your daily prayers to God may be Ganesh Aarti, Hanuman Chalisa, Vishnu Sahastranamavali, Maruti Stotra, Shani Chalisa and a prayer to any other God that you worship today and everyday. The Hindu Prayers is a collection of all such prayers, chalias, namavalis, and so on specially formatted for Android devices for your ease of reading.

The list of prayers available in this version,

1. Chamunda Chalisa

2. Datttatrey Stotra

3. Durga Chalisa

4. Ganesh Aarti Sangraha

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

5. Ganesh Ashtakam

6. Ganesh Chalisa

7. Ganesh Kavacham

8. Ganesh Stotra

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

9. Gayatri Ashtakam

10. Hanuman Chalisa

11. Haripath Gyaneshwar

12. Laxmi Chalisa

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

13. Manachae Shlok

14. Maruti Stotra

15. Mataji Aarti

16. Navagraha Stotra

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

17. Pasayadan

18. Ram Chalisa

19. Ram Raksha Stotra

20. Santoshi Mata Chalisa

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

21. Shani Chalisa

22. Shiv Chalisa

23. Shiv Kavach

24. Shree Suktam

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

25. Siddhivinayak Stotra

26. Surya Namaskar

27. Vindhyeshwari Chalisa

28. Vishnu Sahastranam

【免費書籍App】Hindu Daily Prayers-APP點子

29. Vishnu Sahastranamavali

W are keeping the product absolutely free keeping in mind the need of millions of devotees. We appreciate your support in spreading the word so that many more devotees around the globe will be benefited.

God bless us all!

Hindu Prayers

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