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【免費解謎App】Hockey Trivia Lite-Flames-APP點子

Admit it; you’re a Calgary Flames fanatic. You’d trade in your car for a Zamboni any day, and you greet your coworkers by checking them into their desks.

You could seek professional help or you could play the Calgary Flames Trivia game.

Loaded with challenging multiple-choice questions, Calgary Flames Trivia tests your knowledge of franchise leaders, jersey numbers, draft history, major award-winners, franchise firsts and player facts and figures. From primetime playmakers to big time enforcers, we’ve included questions about beloved players from every era.

The easy-to-use interface features slick graphics, realistic sound effects and an instantly updated scoreboard that tracks your progress throughout the game.


【免費解謎App】Hockey Trivia Lite-Flames-APP點子

•Lightning-fast game play

【免費解謎App】Hockey Trivia Lite-Flames-APP點子

•Exciting sounds during game play

【免費解謎App】Hockey Trivia Lite-Flames-APP點子

•Correct answer and additional trivia shown for every question

【免費解謎App】Hockey Trivia Lite-Flames-APP點子

•High score memory

•Add general hockey trivia option (Free)

Pick up and play Calgary Flames Trivia today – we promise we won’t charge you for holding.

Hockey Trivia Disclaimer - Legal: TBA Digital, Inc. (Calgary Flames Trivia) is not affiliated with the Calgary Flames, the National Hockey League or the National Hockey League Players’ Association. Any reference to third-party names, characters, products or other information is for convenience or educational purposes only and does not imply endorsement or sponsorship. We’re just diehard fans who live and breathe Calgary Flames hockey. We celebrate every victory, debate every trade and shout obscenities at the TV screen every time a referee makes a boneheaded call. In other words, we’re just like you.

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