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Keep track of your goalie’s saves and goals scored by period. Save percentage is automatically calculated with a game accumulative total. No more looking for paper and pencil in the penalty box—keep track of saves for the entire game with the Goalie Tracker! Easy-to-use screen with goal and no goal official signals along with minus buttons in case you make a mistake. Just touch the “no goal” official signal for a save or the “goal” official signal for a goal scored. The minus engulfed by the red circle next to the official subtracts a goal or a save if you make a mistake. Don’t forget to change the period! Look no further for the easy way to keep track of saves, goals and save percent for your goalie!Shot tracking: Track shot location on both home and visitor goalies. Single tap is a save, signified by a black "X" and double tap for a goal, signified by a red "X". Shots are tracked by period. If the ice is to "cluttered", just selected the check the current period and only the current periods saves and goals will be displayed. If you want to see all the saves and goals just check all the periods.

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