Hollywood Words Fun

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Hollywood Words Fun is a game of words. This game uses words related to Hollywood, just as its name suggest. Unlike other 'Words' games, Hollywood Words Fun allows to search and form words by connecting the letters, also in zigzag form.

It is one of the best words games that are available in the android market.

Scan through the grid of letters and find the words mentioned on top of the screen. Choose to play the game, selecting from the different categories available in the game; consisting of names of actors, actresses, movies etc. It also includes names of roles played by different actors and actresses in different movies, for example, Ethan, Cameron, Julia etc.

Search and form the words, thus win the game. Play this intriguingly interesting word game and have a lot of fun.


★ Attractive user interface

★ Captivating graphics & design

【免費休閒App】Hollywood Words Fun-APP點子

★ Astounding sound effects

★ Unique puzzle game play

★ Different levels of difficulty.

★ One of the best word game in the android market

★ Unlimited words

★ Automatic grid adjustment for different screen sizes.

★ Highly touch sensitive grid

【免費休閒App】Hollywood Words Fun-APP點子

★ Night Mode

★ Amazing colors

★ Compatible across all android phones

★ Help menu to learn how to play

★ Very simple to learn casual game for all touch screen mobile devices

★ Give us feedback in the game, with your help we'll make it better


【免費休閒App】Hollywood Words Fun-APP點子

“Love it. Hours of entertainment Extremely entertaining and engaging" - Marlon Brown, Jr

“I like it It's exciting to play all the time" - Mika Edwards

“Cool Better than other research games.” - Joseph Hajj


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【免費休閒App】Hollywood Words Fun-APP點子

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【免費休閒App】Hollywood Words Fun-APP點子

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