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Home Budget Calculator is an easy to use and user friendly application for household bookkeeping that takes almost every common and regular expense in your family. The easy to use sliders are very handful for adding your incomes and expenses and program will automatically calculate your balance and surplus in hand. You can easily find your balance for any date. You can also see visualize the incomes and expenses in circle and bar charts which gives you the idea of cash flow and ratio in a glance.

The detailed CSV download option allows you to find out where your money is going. So that you can keep track on the top of big expenses, bills and spending. The application allows the end user to record save and edits values for the income sources, regular living expenses, vehicle or transportation and big household expenses. By evaluating the downloaded files you can set up your budgets and enjoy life with a financial peace of mind.

The application allows you to save the current budget to your device so that you can start with fresh budget preparations. The reset option allows you to restart from scratch just on a tap. Ideally you can keep track of your budget as per your choice (Weekly, fortnightly, Monthly, And Annually).

Main highlights and features

✔ Easy to use and simplified design for laymen

【免費財經App】Home Budget Calculator-APP點子

✔ See your budget any time, anywhere

✔ Record your expenses and incomes quickly

【免費財經App】Home Budget Calculator-APP點子

✔ No registration required once the application is downloaded.

✔ Optimized for tablet and higher resolution devices.

【免費財經App】Home Budget Calculator-APP點子

✔ Interactive and easy to use sliders

✔ Learn how much home you can afford and create flexible budget plans

【免費財經App】Home Budget Calculator-APP點子

✔ Display the currency as per the selected device locale.

✔ Export to CSV financial report of your incomes, expenses and surplus

【免費財經App】Home Budget Calculator-APP點子

✔ Expense / income tracking

✔ No advertisements (Ads)

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