How To Optimize Linkedin

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LinkedIn has become far more than a glorified resume, and it’s high time you started treating it like a marketer! Sporting more than 259 million users, and some 3 million business pages, LinkedIn has grown into a behemoth that definitely deserves your attention. The question is, how?

The answer to that question is found perhaps in the place where you start on LinkedIn: your profile.

How to optimize your new LinkedIn profile to make it more marketable Like many of the other social media networks, LinkedIn is evolving as well, and what was once your profile is now a far more versatile tool. Let’s look at some of the many ways you can take advantage of this.

Don’t treat it like Facebook – LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, and you need to reek of professionalism and credibility. The things you’d share on Facebook, even your Facebook business page probably aren’t the best choice here.


• Over 10 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

• This course aims to give you the most important aspects of building an outstanding profile so you could easily impress others and higher your chances to appear as a search result.

• Main objective of the course is to improve your online reputation and to become the preferred partner for your colleagues


✔ Building an outstanding LinkedIn profile

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

✔ The Avatar and Picture in LinkedIn Profile

✔ Headline and Summary in LinkedIn Profile

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

✔ Professional experience and Education in LinkedIn Profile

✔ Connections in LinkedIn Profile - Part 1

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

✔ Connections in LinkedIn Profile - Part 1

✔ Summary of Building an outstanding LinkedIn profile

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

✔ Example messages

✔ Example LinkedIn Profile

【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

✔ Recommendation in LinkedIn Profile


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【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

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【免費教育App】How To Optimize Linkedin-APP點子

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Instructed By : Slavi Slavov

Business development at, education and consultancy company in the field of Sales, Management, Marketing, Finance, Business development, Human development, e-Learning.

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