How to Apply Makeup Natural

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Best How to apply makeup and appear sexy, sophisticated or natural with this particular awesome application

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Incorrect lipstick and lip liner, lip hard to get to "draw on" the common lip makeup mistakes that will ruin your overall look. Many women are unsure of how to wear lipstick skip that step entirely out of the makeup looks unbalanced.

Lips looking perfect to have success and start with the perfect lips. You can have lips that look like they just make a few important steps.

Are you ready to go, with perfect lips. The touch-ups during the day.

【免費生活App】How to Apply Makeup Natural-APP點子

If you're not used to wearing lipstick, it may take a while to get used to having your lips done and not "eating" the lipstick combined with the lips well apart from the obvious, it is you. will not be disturbed with dry lips again during which time they become soft. The exact reason enough to take care of your lips.

With this app you will learn: Emphasize the striking to the eye. The eyes of each person is unique, different food. So first of all you girls That should be considered before Own eyes it looks like. Then gradually the effects eyeshadow comes in a beautiful dress by nature's own eyes.

. Keep your eyes girls with eyes close together. Use eye shadow to decorate your eyes look more spacious. The eyeshadow colors applied to the eye area. And a dark eye.

. The depth look at girls who have eyes deep in their sockets than normal. Make the skin look a little more normal. Use light eyeshadow on the eyelid that can be observed. I use dark eye shadow on the eyelids and around the fold of the eyelid, which is above the fold or more.

. Your eyes fall girl with eyes like the eyes of the lower eye. Can use Blend Color Eyeshadow from the eye to the 2/3 of the length of the eye. And cut as close to the eye lashes. The lashes before mascara brush will help to balance the eye to fall.

. Fold the top eyelid Girls who have eyelid folds into the floor. This causes a narrow-eyed look Is quite difficult, if not lives, just technical fixes makeup alone. However, girls who have a loved one in such a manner. Avoid using eye shadow with sparkle, twinkling. And should be used only for meat Matt only.

. girls with bulging eyes bulging eyes. Camouflage bulging eyes can not see the bad. In selecting the eye shadow color to your eyelids. Do not use a colored shadow. It's even spread of light makes the eyes look swollen and bulging even more.

. Weathering girls who have a loved one in this manner. Should increase the length of the eye. By using eyeshadow neutral. The eyelid up to the eyelid fold. Then use eye shadow dark eye, then chased the target, giving rise to the brow. This will help make your eyes look long and slender, the girls even more.

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