How to DJ Mixing

【免費音樂App】How to DJ Mixing-APP點子

How to DJ Mixing App - Step by step for biginner to pro DJ Mixing. We have some great DJ Mixing advice for beginners everyone can learn this app.

Starting out: which includes an introduction to DJ Mixing and outlines what you will need to be a DJ.

Mobile DJ: which covers special events, parties, and "traditional" pub DJ Mixing.

Club/Bar DJ: focussing on the differences compared to mobile DJs and additional requirements.

Music: Record pools, Promos, where to find the best tunes!

Equipment section: giving an overview of the equipment available and it's advantages and disadvantages.

【免費音樂App】How to DJ Mixing-APP點子

How To Mix section: focuses on the mixing techniques you can use to "blend" two tunes together and also includes other useful tips to improve your DJ Mixing performance.

Links section: We plan compile the most comprehensive list of useful DJ websites, and will be adding new links on a regular basis.

All of these techniques take practice and you want to use your ears as much as possible. The crowd can't see what you are doing, so if it sounds good to you it probably sounds good to them. Most DJs use combinations of all of these techniques to transition between songs in addition to constantly adjusting their EQ controls to make everything sound as balanced as possible. If you are just learning how to DJ, practice a bit of everything until it sounds perfect!

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【免費音樂App】How to DJ Mixing-APP點子

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【免費音樂App】How to DJ Mixing-APP點子

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