Hungry "Shima-chan"


Is the first series game of cat love my home living 20 years.

I tried to think a game that can be easily.

Please look at warm eyes!

«Features of "Shima-chan"»

- Female

- Tail is short

- Islands pattern

- Hair is silky

- And really cute !!!!!

«App description»

"Shima-chan" grovel stomach.

Let's collect "Taiyaki" to manipulate the "Shima-chan".


You can move when you touch the mass of the next one.

Let's collect a lot of "Taiyaki" in time.

Various items also "Taiyaki" surprising is placed at random in the cat tower.

Please note that there are also items that can be disadvantageous in.

Taiyaki: 1 points Get

GoldTaiyaki: 3 points Get

Timer: The time remaining increase slightly

"nekomanma": you can freely move the mass of all fixed period of time

Setaria: incapacitated only a little

house: incapacitated for a while

Actinidia: Move to random for a certain period of time trout


this software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0


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