Hydraulics Calculator contains 126 Calculators and Converters, that can quickly and easily calculate and convert different Hydraulics, WaterWorks and Civil Engineering parameters. Available in Imperial and Metric Units. Most Comprehensive Hydraulics & WaterWorks Calculator.

Hydraulics Calculator contains following 94 Calculators:

Capillary Rise


Kinematic Viscosity

Specific Energy Head

Head Loss (Bernoulli Equation)

Total Head of Flowing Fluid

Average Velocity of Flow


Head Loss due to Friction (Darcy-Weisbach Formula)

Chezy Coefficient

Manning Flow Velocity

Flow Rate (Manning Formula)

Head Loss due to Friction (Manning Formula)

Pipe Diameter (Manning Formula)

Mean Flow Velocity (Hazen-Williams Equation)

Fluid Flow Rate (Hazen-Williams Equation)

Head Loss across a sudden contraction of Pipe (Brightmore Equation)


Loss Coefficient

Orifice Flow Rate

Coefficient of Contraction

Stress on Pipe Material

Section Factor

Force - Hydraulic Jump

Stress on Pipe due to Temperature Change

Movement in Length of Pipe due to Temperature Change

Resultant Force on Bend in Pipe


Velocity of Flow in Culvert (Entrance and Exit Submerged)

Flow Rate - Open Channel Flow

Average Velocity - Rectangular Channels

Discharge of Fluid per Unit Length - Rectangular Channels

Critical Depth - Triangular Channels

Flow Rate - Parabolic Channels

Minimum Specific Energy - Trapezoidal Channels

Top Width - Circular Channels

Flow Rate - Rectangular Weir


Flow Rate - Triangular Weir (Notch Angle of 30 degrees)

Flow Rate - Trapezoidal Weir

Flow Rate - Broad Crested Weir

Wind Factor

Rainfall Intensity (Steel Formula)

Flow Rate - Gravity Well (Dupuit Formula)

Flow Rate - Artesian Well

Power obtained from Water Flow

Hydraulics Calculator contains following 32 Converters:





Flow Rate (Volume)

Moment of Inertia


Specific Volume


Thermal Expansion



Viscosity (Kinematic)



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