I Eat Halal

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I Eat Halal is a simple and fast Halal Food Guide that let you know the haram, halal and mushbooh status of all the ecodes, e-numbers and other ingredients.

The application can be searched by writing the

1: ingredients name

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

2: ecode / E-numbers

3: halal (display all halal items)

3: haram (display all haram items)

3: depends (display all depends items)

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

3: mushbooh (display all mushbooh items)

E-numbers are reference numbers used by the European Union to facilitate identification of food additives. All food additives used in the European Union are identified by an E-number. The "E" stands for "Europe" or "European Union". Normally each food additive is assigned a unique number, though occasionally, related additives are given an extension ("a", "b", or "i", "ii") to another E-number.

E-numbers are only used for substances added directly to food products, so contaminants, enzymes and processing aids, which may be classified as additives in the USA, are not included in the E-number system.

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

100-199 food colors

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

200-299 preservatives

300-399 antioxidants, phosphates, and complexing agents

400-499 thickeners, gelling agents, phosphates, humectants, emulsifiers

500-599 salts and related compounds

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

600-699 flavor enhancers

700-899 not used for food additives (used for feed additives)

900-999 surface coating agents, gases, sweeteners

1000-1399 miscellaneous additive

【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

1400-1499 starch derivatives


【免費健康App】I Eat Halal-APP點子

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