I am 2, 100 words

【免費教育App】I am 2, 100 words-APP點子

Looking for a fun and entertaining way to teach your 2, 3 year old 100 new words through pictures and exploration? Download "I am 2, 100 words"!

Engaging and interactive animations teach kids about the context of words while making them laugh. Word games reinforce learning with stickers as rewards.


【免費教育App】I am 2, 100 words-APP點子

- Learn new words as your kid navigates through different scenes.

- Click on the outlined object to learn the words.

【免費教育App】I am 2, 100 words-APP點子

- Each scene comes with a quiz which help reinforce what your child's learning.

- After completing each quiz, your kid will be rewarded with stickers.

【免費教育App】I am 2, 100 words-APP點子

- Turn on/off the background music for each page.

- View stickers earned in "My Stickers" page.

I am a software engineer, teacher and first and foremost Mom with 2 little ones. My goal is to develop educational mobile apps that will help all of us educate our children through play. Where do I get ideas for the apps? Parents, teachers and the KIDS, of course! Actually, they are the ones I get the best ideas and suggestions from. :)

Learn new words and alphabets, teach them spelling through exposure, preschool, baby words, kids app, baby games.

【免費教育App】I am 2, 100 words-APP點子

Teach your baby ABC, phonetics. Kids apps to teach baby new words through baby games.


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