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*Note: 1) For getting location in any app this setting should be checked. Go to Settings->Location services and check Use wireless network and Allow google to use your location data

2) If you are not getting location on Android 4.0+ please restart your phone

3) After Kitkat update (Android 4.4) the SMS notification cannot be aborted and hence even when you get tracking SMS, notification is given by the system.

Nervous when walking alone at night? Jogging or hiking on lonely trails? Ever begged for the phone to ring to get out of a situation?

I'm Safe is an application that enhances safety for Women and generally everybody. I’m Safe provides you with the fastest and simplest way to contact your nearest and dearest ones during emergency.

Set up your own safety network of friends and family members (max-5) and all will be notified in case of an emergency.

【免費工具App】I'm Safe-APP點子

During an emergency, we don't get lot of time to think and sometimes it's difficult to think straight. It is however important that your loved ones be notified, and that the authorities are able to pinpoint your exact location. Just press the big red/green button to text/call them with information on your location and asking for help. It`s as simple as that!

I'm Safe also features a 'Tracking' feature. You can choose your 'Tracking Code' using which your location can be tracked by just an SMS.

I'm Safe ver 1.1

*Fixed bug of SMS being logged 2 times in inbox on Android 4.4 Kitkat

*Fixed bug of SMS not being sent when exceeding 160 characters

*Optimized for Android 4.4 Kitkat

【免費工具App】I'm Safe-APP點子

*Some minor improvements

*Improved *Tracking Code* functionality. Just send a sms containing tracking code at the starting of sms and track your loved ones.

I'm Safe ver 1.0

*One touch emergency Call/SMS button

*Volume up/down button to send Call/SMS

*Sends your location as Google map link to your family/friends

【免費工具App】I'm Safe-APP點子

*Locate your device by just an SMS using Tracking Code

*Device goes to vibrate mode when app is launched

I'm Safe Tracking Code: How it works

*By default your Tracking code is imsafe. You can change it from settings menu.

*To track your location just SMS imsafe to your mobile number and the phone will automatically send back a SMS containing Google map link of your location as well as address(*If available using Network provider).

*Improved functionality allows you to track your phone without worrying whether the characters in tracking code are lowercase or uppercase. If your tracking code is 'imsafe' you can also write 'Imsafe' or 'iMsafe' or 'imSafe' or whatever the case may be (untill its your tracking code) and send it to your phone to track it.

【免費工具App】I'm Safe-APP點子

*You also don't need to worry if you suddenly wrote 'imsafeAB' or 'imsafeXY' because all you need is an SMS containing your tracking code at the beginning.

【免費工具App】I'm Safe-APP點子

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