ICD 10 HD 2012

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ICD10-CM puts the complete, latest ICD10-CM on your mobile.

Optimized for Honeycomb , now you can use same app on your android phone and your honeycomb tablet .

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The 2011 ICD10-CM diagnosis codes are instantly searchable and also browsable by their traditional categories. Search by code or diagnosis, through the whole ICD10-CM or through just a category or selected nonspecific code. Images within the list indicate whether a code is specific or nonspecific. Tap to view the diagnosis and the full text of its standard ICD-9 long description and to add it to your Favorites list for immediate access later.

The same features are available for the ICD10-PCS procedure codes, too, used primarily for facility billing: search, browse, view long descriptions, and add to your Favorites list.

*** If you'd like to try ICD 10 Premium before you buy, please download our FREE version, ICD 10 Lite. ***

Features at a glance:

1. Complete 2011 ICD10-CM diagnosis codes and ICD10-PCS procedure codes, with all sub codes and all long descriptions: over 244,000 individual codes, instantly accessible?

【免費醫療App】ICD 10 HD 2012-APP點子

2. Search within any list of codes, by code number, by diagnosis, and by full text of long descriptions?

3. Browse diagnoses and ICD10-CM procedures by category and subcategory; easily limit searches to particular categories?

【免費醫療App】ICD 10 HD 2012-APP點子

4. Distinguish specific from non-specific codes at a glance; tap a non-specific code to view its specific children. Navigate to its parent to quickly compare one specific diagnosis to another, ensuring you code for maximum reimbursement every time.?

5 Keep a Favorites list of diagnoses and procedures, which may include specific and nonspecific codes.

【免費醫療App】ICD 10 HD 2012-APP點子

6 Support google quick search to allow search icd code without even open the application (you need to select ICD 10 CM as searchable item in search menu inside android settings like in application screenshots).

7 Show Mapping to ICD 9 and type of mapping direct or approximate

【免費醫療App】ICD 10 HD 2012-APP點子

8 Unlimited number of favorite icd codes can be set .

【免費醫療App】ICD 10 HD 2012-APP點子

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