ICD-9 Complete

【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

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Full catalog of 2011 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and procedure codes. All 23,000+ codes can be instantly searched by code, primary or secondary terminology (search is updated as you type), or browsed by their hierarchical structure by tapping on a code category. Add any code or category to favorites, or pin any entry to the top of your screen for instant reference (great for dealing with code-first or additional-code scenarios, or just keeping notes on the screen).

In addition, ICD-9 Complete contains full code notes, code-first, additional codes, additional digit notes, includes, and excludes -- all color coded for instant recognition.


【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

1. Complete database of 2011 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and procedure codes, fully browsable by hierarchy.

2. Ever-present search bar instantly updates entries as you type. Entries can be search by code number, primary, and secondary terminology. Browse to any code directory to narrow search results.

3. Fully expandable notes, code-first, code additional, includes, and excludes, all color-coded for instant recognition.

4. Icons for each entry that distinguishes code categories from specific codes.

5. Add any code as a favorite to instantly come back to it.

6. Pin any item (including notes, includes, excludes, etc) to the top of the screen for instant reference.

7. Notes can be collapsed and expanded. Full notes including chapter headings, additional digit clarifications, data tables, and more.

8. Font size settings allow for small, medium, or large text for a variety of devices and visual acuity.

9. Complete help file, including icon legend.

10. Add your own notes to any section.

【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

【免費醫療App】ICD-9 Complete-APP點子

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