IPMPlus Battery Saver Widget

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Battery Saver Widget-APP點子

IPMPlus Battery Saver Widget is a very powerful soft touch button that puts your Android device to deep sleep mode without affecting any functionality. We call it a gentle way to put to sleep your Android device.

The widget has a 'soft' power off widget which puts your Android device to deep sleep mode with a single touch. This saves a lot of power and is very convenient to use. (No more pressing the hardware OFF button). The device automatically wakes up when you get incoming calls. Fantastic results in terms of keeping your battery from draining off when using it on our Android devices. Supported on all Android Version 2.2 and above devices.

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Battery Saver Widget-APP點子

How to Uninstall the application?

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Battery Saver Widget-APP點子

To uninstall, please remove the application (uncheck the checkbox) from the listing under your device security settings where the application is listed among others as a device administrator. You may go to security > settings > Device Administrators (or equivalent in your phone model) to perform this action. After completing this, you will be able to uninstall the application just like any other.

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