IPMPlus Premium

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Premium-APP點子

IPMPlus Premium enables power saving mode in your Android device.

As we know mobile devices proliferate, we are burning more and more energy in our devices - the amount in each device may be small, but the number of devices in the world is very large. We just want the world to know that it is not just about battery saving (and we don't think mobile phones get thirsty and drink juice!) - the socio-economic impact of all of us saving a few watts of electricity in our phones every day is quite significant.

So in our new edition device automatically wakes up when you get incoming calls ,till then its in power saving mode . Fantastic results in terms of keeping your battery from draining off when using it on your Android devices. Supported on all Android Version 2.2 and above devices.

For more information, please visit http://vigyanlabs.com/ipmplus7/?page_id=57

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Premium-APP點子

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Premium-APP點子

【免費工具App】IPMPlus Premium-APP點子

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