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Mondadori Langenscheidt Dizionario Global Italiano-Inglese / Inglese-Italiano:

• Around 34,000 entries (110,000 headwords, expressions and translations)

• Translates from and into Italian (Italian-English and English-Italian)

【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

• Up-to-date vocabulary

• Information on grammar and spelling variants

• For everyday use, business and travel


【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

Dictionary features

• Animated browsing

【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

• Use system copy-and-paste function to copy words to the clipboard for translation

• Hyperlinks between articles and directions

• Landscape-mode support

• No Internet connection required: simply download the dictionary once and use it on your Windows Phone device without any additional expense

【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

• Add frequently used entries to Favorites

• Pin the most important entries to the start screen of your device for even quicker reference


【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

About Mondadori Group

The Mondadori Group is one of the top publishing companies in Europe. It is Italy’s biggest book and magazine publisher and the third largest in the consumer magazine segment in France. Mondadori’s activities also include advertising, digital, radio, retailing and direct marketing. Since its foundation in 1907, Mondadori’s mission has always been to encourage the diffusion of culture and ideas, with a range of products that covers all areas and appeals to all readers, combining a love for culture and editorial quality with the laws of the market and a capacity to identify and anticipate changes while respecting and protecting of the values that underlie the role of the publisher in civil society.

【免費書籍App】IT-EN Global dizionario-APP點子

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