ITIL Foundation Quiz 1

【免費商業App】ITIL Foundation Quiz 1-APP點子

Welcome to a fantastic new ITIL mock exam test app available from Study ITIL. This app will help you pass your ITIL foundation exam by providing comprehensive questions to assist your learning.

The questions are based on the latest ITIL 2011 Foundation syllabus and includes 40 brand new questions with answer rationales.

Features of the app include:

- 40 brand new ITIL foundation exam questions

【免費商業App】ITIL Foundation Quiz 1-APP點子

- Full detailed explanations for each question

【免費商業App】ITIL Foundation Quiz 1-APP點子

- A timer so you can test your skill against the clock

- No internet connection required to run the app

In addition we are offering $50 off our full online ITIL foundation course for app users. A code is available within the app.

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