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Nanook the Ice Bear is no Little Chicken Boy on the run. He is a smart and clever hunter.

【免費街機App】Ice Bear-APP點子

If a Lion is King of the jungle. The Polar Bear is King of the frozen tundra, the Great Bear of the Polar Gold Rush Country.

This is no “Bear Simulator” This is 1,500lbs ( 700kg ) of racing “Polar Fury” The Polar Bear is the largest living species of terrestrial predator… Roughly 2 to 3 times the size of the largest lions. This Bear is Bad News Brother. He can kill you with one swat and eat you like a gummy treat.

【免費街機App】Ice Bear-APP點子

Ice Bear Run is an action packed kids game where you help Nanook the Ice Bear Escape the innuit hunters, ( or you can battle them with your ninja bear moves). There are frozen ice cliffs to free fall from. Spiky Ice shards and other dumb ways to die. You have to Run, Jump and Fly to Escape the trials of brother bears and hungry hunters looking for a snack and reach the safety of the ice platform frontier.

Bring some Arctic Fun style jam packed action to your Android phone. Nanook the Ice Bear Run Jumping Run game is fun for everyone and guaranteed to bring you hours of fun.

Help Nanook the Ice Bear, roll, fly and have some fun. Let Nanook run and roam free by jumping over obstacles and rolling through the troubles and trials to reach his friends on the frontier.

Nanook the Ice Bear needs to get back to his friends on the frontier or die trying so hurry and download this frozen tundra Ice Bears Battle game. Can You Escape the hunters, Ice fall and other dumb ways to die?

Tap screen to jump and fly over obstacles in the the Ice Bear Run game. If you don’t tap you could be frozen and free fall through and die. Nanook the Ice Bear is an addictive running game. We have created several levels for extended fun. Challenge your friends and see who reaches the top level fast.

Nanook the Ice Bear Needs Your Help. This is no walk in the park, pet shop or petting zoo, the frozen arctic tundra is full of naughty eskimo hunters and a group of hungry brother bears trying to capture their favorite snack. Behind every pile of snow is a threat, even an angry little man with a club. Help “Nanook the Ice Bear explore and Build a Bear Feast of Baby Penguins, Fish and Eskimo Hunters

【免費街機App】Ice Bear-APP點子

and collect treasures along the way.

To survive the hungry hunters and animals and not die, Nanook the Ice Bear has a ways to run, jump and bounce out of danger. Can You Escape the hunters, animals and other dumb ways to die? Care to join the Ice Bear revolution today.


- Tappy Controls so simple a 2 year old can tap tap to play
- Cute playable killer polar bear character 
- Find powerups for free along the way. 
- Under 50 megabytes so download it anywhere, anytime!
- Tablet support!

【免費街機App】Ice Bear-APP點子

【免費街機App】Ice Bear-APP點子

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