Ice Forecast calculates based on various Weather data whether e.g. your car is frozen over on the next morning or not. Calling weather data and calculating is made online.

Displaying weather data:


-Weather data: e.g. Freezing Rain, Rain, Snowfalls, cloudy...


-actual Temperature


-Min. Temperature

-Dew/Frost point



The calculation will be done on a Server and considers the actual weather situation and Temperatures. At this the dew point plays an important roll. For that read the article on wikipedia. The best forecast for the next morning you get at the evening, means before 00:00 o'clock. There are 3 steps of the Forecast (freezing, no freezing, Probability 50%). The background picture will be adequately changed. After weeks of testing and comparison with reality, the calculation is relatively precise. Anyway it can happen in particular cases, that the forecast differs. Also if your car is in the Garage or near a (warm) House then the Forecast is not applicable.




-Temperature in °C or °F


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