InDesign CS6 - QuickStart

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InDesign continues to evolve as an industry leading page layout application. Now in CS 6 they’ve added some cool new features. Let Adobe Certified Expert trainer and Graphic Design Pro Mark Gatter “lay it out” for you...

In this free “What’s New” course, graphics guru Mark Gatter, with his mellifluous voice, gives you an intriguing glimpse into some of the new and enhanced features available in InDesign CS6. You’ll see the improved capabilities of the Page tool as well as the brand new Content Collector or Conveyor Tool and its time-saving modes and options. Mark then illustrates how to create beautiful page layouts for different page sizes and devices as he explores the new adaptive Alternate Layout and Liquid Layout functionality now available in this version of InDesign. You’ll learn how to easily and efficiently produce impressive print documents, and how to plan ahead and create designs that work on the multitude of screen sizes and orientations available today.

Mark tops it all off by presenting the new ways you can now output your work. He shows you how to harness InDesign’s new built-in capabilities to produce interactive PDFs and Electronic Publications (EPUBS) for any screen viewing device … directly!... without having to use any other software!

Table of contents:

1. Overview: Page Tool Improvements

2. The Content Collector, New Column and the Primary Te...

3. New Interactive Forms and EPUB options

【免費教育App】InDesign CS6 - QuickStart-APP點子

4. The Page Tool Basics

5. Master vs. Document Pages

6. The Content Collector aka the Conveyor Tool

7. Content Collector: Basics

8. Content Collector: Modes and Options

9. The Basics

10. Liquid Layouts

【免費教育App】InDesign CS6 - QuickStart-APP點子

11. Additional Options

12. Object-based Liquid Layout Rules

13. Guide-based Liquid Layout Rules

14. Column Controls

15. Additional Tips

16. Primary Text Frame

17. Interactive PDF Forms: Basics

【免費教育App】InDesign CS6 - QuickStart-APP點子

18. Interactive PDF Forms: Exporting and Distributing

19. Exporting Documents and EPUBS

20. Additional EPUB Export Options

【免費教育App】InDesign CS6 - QuickStart-APP點子

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