InVinci-BULL Shockbox

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

Revolutionary new technology enables bull riding coaches, trainers and parents to receive immediate alerts on their android phone when a rider suffers a traumatic head impact that may be concussive.

----What You'll Need----

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

1. Shockbox Sensor

2. An InVinci compatible helmet.

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

----Shockbox Setup----

You'll first need to pair a Shockbox sensor to your android phone using our simple pairing process, then add some information about the player who will be wearing the sensor. Now just make sure that "Listening" is turned on and you'll receive impact notifications from the sensor immediately after they happen.

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

----How It Works----

The Shockbox uses long range Bluetooth (up to 100m) to communicate with your phone. Once the shockbox detects an impact it sends data quickly and efficiently to your phone over an encrypted Long Range Bluetooth connection.

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

Please visit us at for more information, and to purchase a Shockbox sensor.

【免費健康App】InVinci-BULL Shockbox-APP點子

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