Increase of attendance of site

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

Application for sending requests from a variety of devices.

To use simply:

-Click on the button "Create Task";

-Enter the address and condition;

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

-Press the button "Start".

From all devices in the network will be queried by the entered address. When connecting new devices, and will also send you requests.

To cancel a running process by pressing the button "Stop".

The application is built on the principle of reciprocity. When the user increases the "Army", which each party can control.

Additional functions:

1. the list of requests made from your device. The query history is when you click on the default button "menu".


【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

The application is constantly in startup, while the Internet makes requests of your and other users.

Minimum traffic.


Requests should be sent to:

1. goods and services for adults: pornography, erotic goods, escort services, services to search for partners that provide services of an intimate nature, as well as intimate workshops and trainings on soblazneniû (including pick-up).

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

2. "Digital drugs" and herbal smoking blends, salts, poppers, course of Gaza and any psychotropic substances.

3. Any alcohol (including beer) and tobacco products, smoking accessories (including e-cigarettes), as well as applications and community Vkontakte advertising such products.

4. Medical abortion services.

5. anabolic steroids and other drugs, specialized foods for use that affects the muscle growth, which is analogous to the steroids.

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

6. military products and weapons (military manual, small and cool, service, civil, including weapon of self-defense, sports with more than 3 Joules muzzle energy, hunting and signal).

7. games of chance and betting, including gambling, as well as products/services, the content of which is established.

8. the resources as well as community and application for criminal violations and action, calling for violence and cruelty.

Otherwise, the profile will be blocked without warning!


【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子


Two types of tasks:

1. for devices. Simply the specified number of queries to each device. Up to 20 concurrent requests.

2. on request. Automated queries with the currently available devices. Up to 2000 requests with available devices with daily repetition of up to 7 days at a certain time.

Your participation depends on our success.

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

Join the team!

【免費工具App】Increase of attendance of site-APP點子

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