Cities have developed into a gigantic work of art.


In 2019, Seoul, the capital of Korea, is even more so.


Under the motto of “design revolution,” Koreans have continuously come up with cutting-edge designs.


As a result, Seoul now enjoys heightened beauty.


The administration provided full support for experimental architectural designs, which elevated them into art.


Seoul became a dream city for architects around the world to realize their full potential.

In 2017, the new administration began.

The new president was very much inspired by the achievements and initiative of Hyeon Lee,


and appointed him Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs.

From then on, Lee could stretch his imagination as far as he could about cities.


He drastically rooted out corrupt practices and held a cabinet position for two years.


Hyeon Lee became one of the most respected leaders in the country.


Minister Lee…

We’ve got a problem.

A problem, sir? What kind of problem?

We found something, but it’s so strange…

What do you by “something”?

We found a body, but we’ve never seen anything like it before. It seems to have changed into something else…


The body looks human, but the coroner found that its organs are very different from a human’s.

So what is it? What do the National Forensic Service and the National Intelligence Service say? And is there any reason why you wanted to see me in particular, sir?

The National Forensic Service and the National Intelligence Service couldn’t find any solid clue.

But the problem is…

We found another body… today!!!


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