India Chow

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So many restaurant applications and yet so much quiet for India Chow?

An exhaustive database to whet the appetite of one and all who stay in India, visit India regularly or plan to do so for their exotic vacation.

A BIG FIRST of a fantastic array of restaurants, with details including type of cuisine, addresses and phone numbers. Be it an indian palate, or a chinese bistro or some good old coffee which you are looking for when you are in the streets of India, India Chow will help you with a comprehensive list of options.

Better still, be a part of an online community, which will allow you to get average user ratings for all restaurants featured in this application. We encourage you to rate restaurants you know to make this application even more efficient and useful.


More than 6000 restaurants in 10+ cities the database.

【免費旅遊App】India Chow-APP點子

Inbuilt search feature to dish out restaurant pickings based on any parameter including name, cuisine type, address.

Covers all major cities and hubs (New Delhi and surrounding areas, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Goa) with more cities being added as you download!

Includes home delivery chains and your favorite dhabas.

Easy rating option for restaurants, which is linked to an online maintained database.

Add to favorites with a tap of a finger for your special joints.

Note: Using settings, please choose your home city to get appropriate restaurant listings. Bangalore has been placed as the default. You need to be on a 3G/EDGE network to access the online ratings.

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