Hinduism is a detailed, rich, and complex religion; it plays a dominant role in the lives of most Indians. Almost 80% of the people in India exercise a strong faith in Gods and Goddess. “Hinduism is 'apauruseya', i.e., of impersonal origin; religious deities appear to be dissimilar & independent, and yet they are really facets of Supreme God.” Wiki defines four tenets of Hindu religion; rituals, beliefs, traditions, and sharing personal gods with one another. Each sect has a unique philosophy on exactly how to achieve life's ultimate goal (moksha, liberation).



This mobile app is meant to help you in those times, when you try to learn yourself; teach your kids about all Indian Gods and Goddesses. This application is the perfect solution for those who run out of time to delve into the details of Indian Gods and Goddess and yet feel the curiosity to know more about their own faith


There is broad classification used by our elders to teach their kids about Indian deities. Saiva Gods -Siva, His consort, His sons and other forms, Vaishnava Gods -Vishnu, His consort, and His various avatharam & Sakthi or Saktha Forms of Goddess Sakthi. There are other sects such as Ganapathyam (Lord Ganesha, son of Lord Siva), Kaumaram (Lord Muruga, son of Lord Siva), and Souram (Lord Surya). From the Rig Veda, we come to know of the vedic gods, eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve Adityas, Indra & Prajapathi, being the Gods of earth, the heavens & the space

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