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WhatsApp is updated before in the official WhatsApp website than in Google Play. But thanks to this app, you will be notified when a new version of whatsapp.

Info WhatsApp is responsible for you to monitor the WhatsApp website and alert you when there are updates to find out instantly when a new version.

If you want to always be up to date in regards to WhatsApp, Info WhatsApp warn you about every update !

Also find many tutorials for whatsapp. Tutorials included :

- How to hide your last login on WhatsApp

- WhatsApp Tricks

【免費通訊App】Info 2date-APP點子

- How to recover history in WhatsApp?

- How do you know if anyone have blocked me?

- How to install WhatsApp on a tablet

- How to Install WhatsApp on a PC

- How to pay with PayPal WhatsApp

【免費通訊App】Info 2date-APP點子

- "Click to talk " like a Walkie Talkie

- Sending and adjustments to download files

- Edit video in WhatsApp

- You can change the number associated

- How to recover WhatsApp talks on a new smartphone?

- How to create, edit and leaving groups on WhatsApp ?

【免費通訊App】Info 2date-APP點子

- The most common problems with solutions ... for Whatsapp!

- WhatsApp affected by a virus called Priyanka

- WhatsApp messages and chain

- How to save profile pictures of friends?

- How to disable automatic download of pictures and videos on WhatsApp

【免費通訊App】Info 2date-APP點子


Unofficial Product . This application is not endorsed by or Affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger , its name , trademark , and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by Their respective owners

【免費通訊App】Info 2date-APP點子

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