Instant Romanian

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

Want to learn Romanian vocabulary in minutes? This will be the application for you.

Instant Romanian is a very handy and unique application. It guides you on how to speak and listen common Romanian vocabulary in an enjoyable way. You can learn Romanian from anywhere at anytime with only clicks away.

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

This is also a perfect application for tourists who like to communicate with another Romanian speaking person. You'll be amazed how Instant Romanian can improve your communication skills instantly!


【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

- Over 400 useful Romanian words that must learn

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

- Pronunciation recorded by native speaker

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

- Each vocabulary is expressed with its English translation

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

- Randomly generated vocabulary and listening quiz

【免費教育App】Instant Romanian-APP點子

- Well organized theme categories

- Easy controls and management to record the study progress

- Rewarding medals if score perfectly on quizzes

Download it now and see how much you can learn instantly.

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