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Can't say much in Chinese? Need to expand your Chinese vocabulary? This app will help you memorize TONS of Chinese words fast! Thanks to its unique methodology, you will be able to learn up to 100 WORDS / DAY!

The app comes with a wordlist of over 9000 Chinese words and characters, including all the ones you'll need for the official HSK examinations. If you memorize all these, your understanding of Chinese is bound to skyrocket.


* app suitable for absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced students

* both simplified and traditional characters supported - switch between the two in the settings

* Pinyin romanization provided for every word, and you can choose to see Pinyin with the question or with the answer

【免費教育App】Intense Chinese-APP點子

* learn words in groups of 7

* test yourself Chinese to English or English to Chinese

* review while you learn more

* select which categories of words you want to learn

【免費教育App】Intense Chinese-APP點子

* categories include: Essentials, Numbers, Question words, Languages, Countries & Continents, Weather, Family, Positions, Colors, Clothing, Around Town & Outdoors, Around the house, HSK 1 Characters, HSK 1 Words, HSK 2 Characters, HSK 2 Words, and similar for each HSK level.

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