International Wine Challenge

【免費生活App】International Wine Challenge-APP點子

* Now with all the NEW results for the IWC 2014 *

We’ve listed the results for more than 10,000 wines and sakes from the International Wine Challenge, with tasting notes for over 6,000 medal-winning examples from 44 countries.

There’s a wealth of accompanying information, including full bottle images for all the wines. We’ll show you where to buy the wines, and how much they will cost, with a quick way to find the wines available in the main national retailers and supermarkets.

【免費生活App】International Wine Challenge-APP點子

【免費生活App】International Wine Challenge-APP點子

The Android app is designed to showcase the wines as judged by the IWC’s panel of expert international judges over a two-week period each year.

【免費生活App】International Wine Challenge-APP點子

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