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【免費音樂App】Interval Trainer Free-APP點子

The Interval Trainer application is a way for musicians and aspiring musicians to practice their aural skills by hearing the most basic element of music. Here are some of the features:

-Flashcard Mode: Introduces the concept of musical intervals through visual and aural representations of intervals from perfect unison to perfect twelfth. The interval is written on a staff, labeled, and played three times: melodically (ascending and descending) and harmonically (simultaneously). Descriptions accompany each interval to offer suggestions on what to listen for.

【免費音樂App】Interval Trainer Free-APP點子

-Quiz Mode: Test your knowledge! The multiple choice quiz mode plays an interval for the user to identify from a list of four options. The comprehensive quiz mode has all of the qualities and numbers to choose the correct answer from, based on the difficulty chosen.

【免費音樂App】Interval Trainer Free-APP點子

-Tutor Mode: The tutor mode provides explanations written by music theorists to help explain why intervals are important to the development of a musician’s ear and suggests strategies to aurally distinguish each interval.

【免費音樂App】Interval Trainer Free-APP點子

-Options: Other options, such as setting a replay and duration limit in quiz mode are available to enhance your experience!

This app is ideally suited for a wide range of people interested in music. This includes the following groups: middle school/junior high and high school students who want to improve their choir, band, orchestra private lesson or any other musical experience; college students in an aural skills or ear training class who want more practice with the basics; and it’s also for adults who are new to music, play an instrument and want to learn about intervals, or have been away from music for a while and want to brush up. Designed by a team with advanced degrees in music theory and music education, we have provided a pedagogically strong application and will continue our research to make more improvements.

To get the most out of this app, the user should already be familiar with beginning music theory, such as note names (on the treble clef) and the major scale.

UPDATE 10-29-14: This is now the full version of the app, but it includes ads. If ads are not your favorite and you'd prefer not to see them, here's the link to the paid and completely ad-free version in the Google Play Store:

Box Metaphor Studios is committed to bringing you the best possible product and that means you can look forward to more updates! We'll be active as possible in ensuring bugs are identified and eliminated and we'll also be sure to listen to you about other features you'd like to see implemented in future updates. You can always contact us at with comments, bug reports, and suggestions. Head to the website for this app here:

【免費音樂App】Interval Trainer Free-APP點子

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