Intralinks VIA™

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

Intralinks VIA™ -Securely sync, share, collaborate … and manage your business content.

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

With Intralinks VIA™, users can easily sync, share, and collaborate on business content to get work done anywhere while enterprises can manage that content to protect IP and meet compliance.


• Synchronize your documents to the secure cloud, making them available to you wherever you need to work – desktop, web or mobile - without sacrificing security.

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

• View and filter workspaces.

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

• For a selected workspace: view the files, comments, members and properties

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

• Open workspace files

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

• View and add comments.

In addition, Intralinks VIA administrators can apply the following security policies:

【免費商業App】Intralinks VIA™-APP點子

• Administrators can block users from viewing and adding comments on workspaces.

• Administrators can request that specific Intralinks VIA user accounts be blocked on mobile devices.

• Bank-grade security; Intralinks has a 16 year history providing secure collaboration solutions that drive productivity in the most regulated industries.

• Works with your existing Intralinks VIA account.

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