Inventory Tracker

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

Inventory Tracker is a perfect solution to track inventory for business bookkeeping and tax purposes.

Inventory Tracker makes it easy to track your inventory, sales, payment, shipment and balance sheet on yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. It can also transfer the data into a spreadsheet to create your inventory report. It's the excellent Android inventory tracking app for business or warehouse administrators, sales people, managers and business owners.

---Feature list:---

• Barcode scanner: User can use the built-in barcode scanner or barcode scanner app from ZXing Team.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Password Protection: User can set password to prevent unauthorized user to open Commission Tracker.

• Currency: Support 37 most used currencies.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Auto completion: Inventory Tracker has an artificial intelligence built in designed to remember the item related information. Once the item is selected, other information will be automatically filled in.

• Auto Default Values: Previous used values will be used as default values for next data entry.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• User-extendable Database: User can always extend database to have more inventory items, categories, companies, locations, suppliers and clients. User defined information will be saved in database for future use.

• Multiple Inventory Items, Categories, Companies, Locations, Suppliers and Clients

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Import feature: For information about inventory item, category, company, location, client and supplier, user can use this feature to import data from input CSV file to the database.

• Database backup and restore: Backup/restore database to/from SD card, Dropbox™ or Google Drive.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Local auto database backup

• Online auto database backup

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Share database with multiple devices by using Dropbox™

• Send report: User can send report file in CSV or HTML format by email, Dropbox™ and Google™ Drive.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Filters: Filters Item, Category, Company, Location, Supplier/client, Payment and Shipment information are available in Inventory Log viewer. User can use them by click on the Menu button on the phone

• User Assistance: User can turn on or off the automatic tips on how to use Inventory Tracker.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Detail view and summary: User can see yearly, monthly, weekly and daily Inventory Log detail and summary. By click on the menu button on the phone, user can use data type filters.

• Balance sheet based on items.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Optional column: In Inventory Log viewer, user has options to select an optional column to display item, category, company, location or notes.

• Charts and diagrams: User can see monthly inventory summary in charts and diagrams. User can also user data type filters to change data for the diagrams.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Auto database backup: It allows the program to automatically back up database before program exits.

• Tap to Sort: In Inventory Log viewer, user also can click on the column header to sort inventory records.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Duplicate record: By long tap on the selected item in Inventory Log viewer, user can have menu to duplicate the selected record.

• Install and run from SD card: User can switch Inventory Tracker storage location between phone and SD card.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• Support 4 popular date formats.

---System requirements:---

-OS: Android v2.1 or above

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

-Physical Resolution: 320x480(HVGA), 480x800(WVGA800), 480x854(WVGA854), 540x960, 800x600, 1024x600,1280x800 and other resolutions

-Perfect for Android smart phone and tablet

---Things you should know---

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

• App developer doesn't participate in the purchase and download process, if you have problems with credit card authorization, charge, double charge, download failures, we have no way to help you, you'll need to check the Google technical help forum.

• Update is always free, Google controls charging and it WILL NOT charge for update.

---Contact us:---

Provided by Frank Android Software @ Feel free to contact us via email. We have excellent support record and no question will be ignored.

【免費商業App】Inventory Tracker-APP點子

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