Invitre is a mobile app that helps you meet up with friends to catch up.

Invitre was created with the purpose to build lifelong friendships by allowing people to make the best of physical meetups with their friends.

Users simply have to "Touch" friends whom they are interested to catch up with to be "In Touch", so that we can match friends, who value each other, for a meetup. You would not know if a friend has "Touch" you as a catch up choice today, but removes you tomorrow! Just like how your friends wouldn't know if they are in your "In Touch" list at that point in time.

This essentially takes away the fear of being a bother or being unwanted


by the other party, as this is done so discreetly where that user can as


and when "Touch" friends the user wishes, or do not wish, to catch up


with at that point in time.

Besides just hanging out with the right person at the right time, the right activity and right place contributes to a great physical meetup experience, which in turn deepens the relationship being fostered due to camaraderie and laughter. Which is why we sort people and places by mood selections from a user, which allow us to put the right people, with the right activity, into the right place, at the right time.



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