Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

Iowa Law contains the entire 2014 version of the Iowa Code in an easy to use, well-formatted, searchable form. You can now easily carry the thousands of pages of the Iowa Code with you everywhere on your phone, or browse it using a tablet-specific interface on your 10" tablet.

Features include:

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

*Complete Iowa Code - More than 1,300 chapters and 20,000 individual sections.

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

*No internet connection required

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

*No ads

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

*Advanced Search to make it easy to find the relevant law for your situation

【免費書籍App】Iowa Law (Complete Iowa Code)-APP點子

*Mark frequently used chapters or individual sections as favorites

*Click any section referenced in the text to jump straight to that section

*Custom interface for phones and 10" Tablets

Iowa Law is perfect for attorneys, law students, real estate agents, and everyone that deals with the law in their personal or professional lives. Iowa Law is published by the maker of Iowa Police Field Reference, a similar tool customized for law enforcement officers with thousands of happy users.

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