IpPeloton allows you to view your riding companions Heart rate and Power data from ANT+™ sensors. Your main ANT+ sensor data for your own Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power is displayed at the top of the screen where available. Underneath this there is a list of the data from other ANT+ Heart rate and Power sensors in range.

For a great Android bike computer check out IpBike which can be used in parallel with IpPeloton.

Uses IpSensorMan to do the Actual ANT+ interfacing, works along side IpBike which can be running in the background and logging your ride as normal. Main display options e.g. speed units colors and screen dimming options are taken from IpBike preferences if it is installed.

Permissions for internet and reading user logs for the Analitics upload and the error reporting system. I am particularly interested in the sorts of sensors the application is being used with. You can switch these features off from the preferences menu option.


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