Islamic Plus

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

"Islamic Plus" Its an Islamic library where you can access any Hadith book or Tafseer books. A must have App from Zoxcell. Every Muslim should install it on their Android Mobiles.

Important Note For Prayer Times:

After Downloading the app, go into prayer and apply setting and read help page then please compare the prayer time with Mosque Near to You. If you find major difference in time then don't use the prayer time option in the app. If you find few minutes different you can set them by using Time Adjustment Feature that will available in setting page named as Mins Adjustment.

We have given this Note because we have found Fajr and Eisha Prayer time differences. We are not Responsible for any kind of Sin.

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

• Read & Recite the Complete Quran karim.

• Complete Audio of Quran with different Reciters (Quraa) from the World.

• Can learn the Quran in many languages. There are 40+ Translations of Quran.

• Complete Recitation of Quran in 9 Qaries.

• Different Recitation Collection from the Quran.

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

• Can Read the Islamic Books in differetn Languages.

• Useful text customization options are built to support the different devices.

• Prayer times for all the world.

• A useful thing! "Qibla Finder" added. Can find the Qibla direction by your device in seconds. Its with different options.

• "Daily Azkar" must have section for all the muslims. Can learn different prayers, duas from Quran & Sunnah. Its with different customization options.

• This App is a good effort from Zoxcell to maximise the knowledge of Muslims.

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

• This App comes with different settings to support on maximum devices with best reading results.

Main Catergories of this app:

1. Al-Quran

2. Recitation Collection

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

3. Tafseer

4. Hadith

5. Daily Adhkar

6. Qibla Finder

7. Prayer Times


【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

1- القرآن

2- جميع التلاوة

3- التفسير

4- الحديث

5- الاذكار اليومية

6- الباحث عن القبلة

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

7- أوقات الصلاة

* UK and USA countries still have 1 hour difference those will have to use Daylight Saving method in setting page. Also once compare the results with Near to your Mosque

* Fajar and Isha Angle Method added. It means this app is become more accurate for all world.

【免費生活App】Islamic Plus-APP點子

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