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Ivy Ties App : Bringing the Ivy Ties platform to Android

A Social network connecting students with colleges (anywhere in the world) - A Facebook but customized for students.

10,000 colleges and millions of new students around the world each year, each having the same question - which college to join? Ivy Ties makes it simple, allowing students to connect directly with current students, alumni and college staff and other aspirants too. And this is what makes Ivy Ties unique and different from other resources for college applicants. Providing information about any college in the world is only one side of the coin. Besides offering a social networking platform to stay connected with other students (whether past, present or prospective) one can also stay connected with the Universities of their choice. In Brief, Ivy Ties can rightly be called as world’s one and only academic social network. With a list of all universities around the world, Ivy Ties lets Universities to get the right student and the student to get into his favorite universities.

What does Ivy Ties offer?

Talk face to face with the Chat feature (very similar to whatsapp, viber)

Today not much difficult for a student to get primary information about a university. But still they might not be able to get what info is relevant to or all information in one place. Ivy Ties does have all the info what a student wants to know about for admission. With the list of all colleges and Universities from around the world, a student can get various information including, but not limited to University contact information, university Official website etc. An International student always might not be aware of; university that are popular out there, that are competitive and that which is best for them. Ivy Ties lets a foreign student or a prospective student who wish to study abroad (and a local student too) to learn about all the universities around the world. It provides information such as details regarding University admission process, application costs, cost of living, admission competition, tuition fee details, percentage of foreign students currently studying in the university etc. With Ivy Ties you can even get information about local weather, rent and staying costs etc. As Tuition fees are collected by universities in local currency, a student might not be always aware of foreign exchange rates. But don’t worry, Ivy Ties lets you to calculate your costs with currency converter.

Not Sure how to start your search for university?

【免費教育App】Ivy Ties-APP點子

Not sure which are the popular universities?

Ivy Ties is here. We have the list of best and popular universities from the world. We have the right list of world’s top ranking universities. Yes, with which you can search universities and university rankings. You can learn about universities not only from current students in that college, but also from alumni and admission experts. Not sure which university offers student loans and financial aid? come lets ask recent graduates. You can find which universities offer Scholarships and which do not. You can even connect with prospective students who are planning to attend the same university. The services offered by Ivy Ties not ends here, Ivy Ties know about what a student needs info. If you are searching for a suitable internship or student jobs offer, you can find jobs suitable to you in Ivy Ties. Ivy Ties also lets you to choose from other classified options which you might be interested in.

Ivy Ties is a notch up from the traditional admission resources like Kaplan, Princeton Review and scores of other resources that are almost passe in today's era.

【免費教育App】Ivy Ties-APP點子

【免費教育App】Ivy Ties-APP點子

【免費教育App】Ivy Ties-APP點子

【免費教育App】Ivy Ties-APP點子

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