JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子


Custom, Original Design Work

Analog Clock Widget

4 Custom Folder Backgrounds

16 Custom Wallpapers w/ Wallpaper Picker

10 Custom Dockbars (Apex, Go, Nova & ADW Only)

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

4,000 icons internally coded in App Drawer

1,265 HD (192x192) icons available in Icon Picker

This is a very detailed theme. Most themes do not have this much detail


- Go Launcher EX

- ADW/ADWEX Launcher

- Launcher Pro

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- Circle Launcher

- Atom Launcher

- Aviate Launcher

- Apex Launcher

- Nova Launcher

- Next Launcher

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- TSF Shell Launcher

- Action Launcher

- Holo Launcher

- Smart Launcher Free/Pro

- Themer App

- Solo Launcher

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- Mini Launcher

- Muzei Live Wallpaper

- Icon Themer (Unicorn)

- Lucid Launcher

- Nine Launcher

- KK Launcher

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子


This theme will "open" on its own. It has many functions to control how theme is applied and allows user to provide feedback and communicate with me. You will still need to have a Launcher installed to use all aspects of theme.


The App the comes with this theme has the following features.

- Apply launcher themes

- See details on what theme applies

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- See screenshots of themes applied to each launcher

- Apply wallpaper or save to SD

- View all icons included in app by category

- Search icons to easily find what your looking for

- See all icon names included in app

- View all docks included in app

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- Rate theme on Google Play

- Check out all BigDX themes on Google Play

- See user comments for BigDX themes

- Contact me via Email, Website, Twitter, G+, Blog

- View help files on how to use launchers

- See exactly how to apply all parts of theme

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

- Watch video's on how the launchers works

- View complete changelog for theme

- Send me a zip file with all the app icons installed on your device

---This will help me skin more app icons in your app drawer


Check the app to learn how to use this theme with all launchers!

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子


G+ Community: http://bit.ly/BigDX-Google

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bignadad

Website: http://www.bigdx.com

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+AddieBaker

For more details about this theme visit my Blog

【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子


【免費個人化App】JB Extreme Launch Theme Orange-APP點子

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