JPingPong Table Tennis Free

【免費體育競技App】JPingPong Table Tennis Free-APP點子

*** AMATEUR CUP released in the FREE version! ***

A new way to play table tennis on mobile devices!

With JPingPong Table Tennis Free you'll have a new gaming experience, very easy , more challenging.

Now in free version, enjoy!

Features :

- 8 Teams ** 24 Teams in the full version

- 3 Levels (easy, medium, hard)

- 1 Scene ** 4 Different scenes in the full version

- Casual game

- Amateur Cup ** Now Available in the FREE version!

- World Cup ** Only in full version

- Gallery of trophies ** Only in full version

【免費體育競技App】JPingPong Table Tennis Free-APP點子

- Best of 3 and 5

- 2 Ways of control with touch screen

- Spin effects

- 3D Graphics

- 3D Sound

- Vibration ** Only in full version

- Help

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