JW Records

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

For Jehovah's Witnesses to capture fast, accurate and detailed address, contact, interest and observations information for the house-to-house ministry with Android phones.

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【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

1. Phone app uses GPS to fill in house addresses without one button tap. This feature works on phones with GPS capabilities.

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

2. 'Notes' field on each record provides a convenient and quick way to take detailed notes on things such as contact information, observations, interests, date of visit, etc.

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

3. Works with 'Speech-to-Text' to minimize or eliminate typing.

Simple to use, It is self-explanatory, having the familiar look of paper records you already use. If you have ever had to go back to a house to get the address, this is for you. It can be used to quickly and discretely keep your H-H records quickly, accurately and legibly while you keep on the go. While you might lose a small paper form, it's not likely you'll ever lose your phone (or put it in the wash) so easily.

Once the app is running, the main screen has four buttons. Tap the "New Record" button. While standing in front of a house to be recorded, press the "Find Me" button. In a few brief seconds, the address will fill in the form on the screen. Tap to check any of the checkboxes to record details such as "Not Home", "Busy", etc., add a name and notes if you like, then tap "Save Record"

All the records are dated and saved in a database list, which is viewed by tapping the "View Records" button on the main/home screen.

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

Any of the records can be edited. just do a 'long press' on the record you wish to edit, and the form screen will open. Change or add anything you like and tap the "Update Record" button. Even the address can be edited.*

Any records saved with 'call again' or 'not home' boxes checked will be appropriately color-coded in the view list to help quickly determine what to do next. 'Call again' checked records will be made available separately by tapping the 'return 'Visit' button on the home screen.

You can always view your list of records from the main screen by tapping the "View Records" button. The data will remain on your phone unless you uninstall the app, or clear the data from Androids Application Manager (In the Settings menu).

From the 'All records' screen, use the menu > Export All option to create a text (csv) output which you can share via email for use in your favorite external mobile or PC application (i.e.: MS Excel, Access, etc.

It has been tablet-tested, but this is primarily a phone app. Many tablets do not have fast GPS capabilities, as do most of the newer phones.

This app does use a cellular data connection to get addresses from a Google geocoding service by sending GPS coordinates - but it does not send any of your records information, which is treated as confidential. If your device is otherwise protected, your records data will be equally as safe.

In order for the auto-addressing feature to work, your device's GPS must be turned on and you must have a good wireless signal. When tapping the 'Find Me' button, you'll see a pop-up near the bottom of the screen with GPS coordinates if your GPS is working well*. The app sends these coordinates to a map server via the internet (with no personal information - only the coordinates) which then sends the address back to your phone for display on the screen and storage in your app database.

Long tap a record in either the 'All Records' or 'Return Visits' screen to open an editor screen. You may edit anything in the record and re-save it. This is particularly useful for adding notes for each visit.

It can be used without the GPS feature, however doing so will require that you manually enter addresses.

* If you are near a lot line, too far from a property center as seen by the geocoding service, or at an intersection of several properties, an incorrect house number may be captured. Remember that this can be easily corrected by long-tapping the record in the list view.

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

【免費生產應用App】JW Records-APP點子

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