Jam Toast

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You could describe Jam Toast as a game where you have to stop flies from reaching your toast for the highest possible score. But we see it as much more than that…

Picture this; a lazy Sunday morning. The sun is bright in the sky, but not yet hot. Birds are chirping, coffee is brewed and the mowers are just starting to launch up around the neighbourhood. You’ve cooked your breakfast – delicious Jam Toast – and now you’re settling on your porch to take in the world, and shifting slowly into gear. Your world is peaceful; relaxed.

【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子

But what’s this? An intruder to your calm? An invader into your serenity? A pesky, determined and persistent threat, not only to your tranquillity but to your delicious Jam Toast? How dare this trouble maker (and his 40,000 friends) disturb your Sunday morning ritual. There’s no taking this lying down. You need the only trusty tool in a moment like this – your Fly Swatter 4,000. A perfectly crafted weapon of mass splatation, a wielder of justice and a practical extension to your own limb, the Fly Swatter 4,000 is the great equaliser.

Now your choice is binary – whack that fly and stop him reaching your Jam Toast, or give up and settle for soggy cereal. It’s on you! The first brave fly saunters into view, boldly stepping toward your breakfast like they own it, but with a swift whack you settle the score. Undeterred by seeing their splattered friend on the ground, the next wave of flies flock to your Jam Toast, as if magnetised to your scrumptious goodness. Whack again! You’re getting the hang of this.

【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子

Where are all these flies coming from anyway!? Now two at once – BONUS SCORE! Whacking those flies closer to the toast is earning you smug points, battle points, redemption points, whatever you might call them. With an ever increasing score, the flies double down on their attack, calling in reinforcements and flooding your screen with a relentless determination. Like Lemmings to the source, these flies flock forward in ever growing droves to be the first to claim the scalp of your sacred breakfast.

On and on they come, flying faster and in tighter packs. Your limbs tense and bulge, your reactions blend into one another as your resolve is tested. Sounds fall away as your concentration focuses on your one and only goal of stopping the fly invasion. Your world narrows until all that matters is the epic struggle of protecting the innocence of your breakfast from the barbarity of the fly horde. With controlled fury, you wield the Fly Swatter 4,000 until calamity upon calamities, the flies run you down and reach their destination. Your Jam Toast has been compromised, and the calm of your world has been shattered.

【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子

The saving grace, however, is that your score now has a proud “Best Score” attached to it, and you savour the elation of being the most determined fly repellent to walk the lands. You have the honour of being the royal of the coop. You wear the crown of best player, and your heart swells with pride, if only until someone else beats that score.

There’s always more Jam Toast to be protected.

【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子

Vote for Jam Toast Games and all of your wildest dreams will come true.



【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子



【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子


【免費街機App】Jam Toast-APP點子

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