Jam on Phonics

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Turn your tablet into a musical-phonics instrument with Jam on Phonics. Learn letter sounds and beginning reading skills by jamming along with 17 songs and chants!

Jam on Phonics is divided into four graded sections: Vowels, Consonants, Vowels and Consonants, and Words. You’re first introduced to short Vowel sounds followed by Consonants grouped in voiced and unvoiced pairs. The Vowels and Consonants section then brings all the sounds together in alphabetical order followed by a Words section to develop basic word-building skills using a consonant-vowel-consonant layout from left to right.

Each section comes with a song to introduce the sounds, three chants to explore, learn and assimilate those new sounds as well as a Jam track to play with and create your own chant or song. The songs and chants focus on developing key language skills through listening, speaking, matching/reading and spelling all within the groovy context of rhythm and song!

Key Features:

【免費教育App】Jam on Phonics-APP點子

—Develops the foundation for beginning reading by practicing short vowels, voiced and unvoiced consonants and word-building in a fun and explorative way.

—4 interactive songs

—12 challenging chants

—Designed to facilitate Learning through Exploration, not testing.

【免費教育App】Jam on Phonics-APP點子

—Use individually, in pairs, small groups, as a whole class or as part of a study corner

—web resources to use at home and the classroom such as extra grooves and songs to play along with, additional teaching activities and tips, stories and games

Best and easiest to use on a 9" to 12" tablet. Small screens under 9" may prove difficult to use the interface.

Privacy Policy

【免費教育App】Jam on Phonics-APP點子

Jam on Phonics is made for everyone but especially with children in mind and the right of education to be commercial-free. To protect your privacy and the on-line safety of your children, we do not collect or share any personal information. This app has no advertisements or in-app purchases.

【免費教育App】Jam on Phonics-APP點子

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