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Richmond System Engineering 'James River' app is a helpful guide to river conditions and locations along the James River in Richmond, VA. - Easy to use information, graphing, and mapping.- River water level and temperature are updated from the USGS.- Water level and temperature charts come directly from the USGS.gov website for up to the minute information.- Announces water level restrictions.- Maps the entrances to the James River along with information about each location.- Users have the ability to long click on a map and save a specific location.- Users have the ability to save their current location.- Users can email, text, and facebook their current or saved location to anyone.Originally this app was made for my own personal information. I found out many others have a use for this app so we at Richmond System Engineering decided to publish this app free to all users. We have packed this app full of useful information so please to the time to explore all the screens, menus, and buttons. We wanted to make an easy way of telling friends of your exact location or the location of where you will be to make it easy for your friends to meet with you and have an awesome time on the James River. Over time we will be adding more locations and more information.We hope you enjoy this App.Since we are always developing please give us your opinion on what you liked or if you would like to see changes. Richmond System Engineering know that we cannot think of every detail by ourselves. User feedback is the most important asset to us so email us at info@richmondsystemengineering or find us on facebook with your questions concerns or ideas. Be Safe and Have Fun on the James!!!!!P.S. Please keep our river clean and help out by picking up any trash.

【免費書籍App】James River App-APP點子

【免費書籍App】James River App-APP點子

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