Jersey Soccer Camera

【免費攝影App】Jersey Soccer Camera-APP點子

Using this application you can make yourself appear in a photo wearing a jersey famous football club who you idolize. Latest Soccer Club Jersey 2014/2015 year you can find here and you can edit or use to show your face in the uniform of the football club in a photograph. Photos from the football club soccer player who competed in the Premier League, Spanish League, Italian League, French League, etc. can you get here.


【免費攝影App】Jersey Soccer Camera-APP點子

1 There are many options jersey football club

2 Results Photos you can use as wallpaper

【免費攝影App】Jersey Soccer Camera-APP點子

3 Results Photos can be shared with friends via social media

4 The application is FREE

【免費攝影App】Jersey Soccer Camera-APP點子

Have fun using the application iniengan using your idol football club jersey

【免費攝影App】Jersey Soccer Camera-APP點子

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