Jigsaw puzzle World championsh

【免費解謎App】Jigsaw puzzle World championsh-APP點子

Anyone is a free Android application which can enjoy a puzzle by a favorite picture easily from an upper person and a child to [ from beginners ] elderly people!

a jigsaw puzzle should build a favorite photograph, picture which carried out painting, etc. with one button

Since the line is attached to the puzzle, the place for piece is known comparatively simply.

The best also for brain training or Japanese quince prevention, since a puzzle is made like a sport!!

★ Ranking

If a personal best record is updated, it can nominate for a world ranking.

【免費解謎App】Jigsaw puzzle World championsh-APP點子

Let's compete for a global user and time and aim at No.1.

★ The picture of a puzzle

A picture can be searched from Gallery and Web , Twitter.

★ Save

A puzzle can be saved on the way.

★ Level

Special High Middle Low

There is ranking for every level.

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