John McEnroe

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John Patrick McEnroe, Jr. is a former World No. 1 professional tennis player from the United States. He is best remembered for his confrontational on-court behavior which frequently landed him in trouble with umpires and tennis authorities; and for the catchphrase "You cannot be serious!" directed toward an umpire during a match at Wimbledon in 1981. All these phrases are now available for Free on the iPhone. - Answer my QUESTION - Don't sit there and tell me that ball was good - absolutely UNACCEPTABLE - If you don't see it don't worry about it - Get away from the ball - Give me the Curtsey - No mistakes so far this match, right? - The QUESTION, JERK! - You CANNOT be SERIOUS... - That ball was on the line - You're Pathetic And many more. Relive the matches with this funny John McEnroe Soundboard

【免費娛樂App】John McEnroe-APP點子

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