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Huge collection of funny jokes from Internet in 60 different categories: Animals jokes, Answer Me jokes, Aviation jokes, Bar jokes, Black Humour jokes, Blondes jokes, Business jokes, Camping jokes, Children jokes, Christmas jokes, Chuck-norris jokes, Clean jokes, Computers jokes, Dark peoples jokes, Dirty jokes, Disgusting jokes, Doctors jokes, Drunks jokes, Dumb jokes, Elderly jokes, Ethnic jokes, Facebook jokes, Farming jokes, Festivals jokes, Food jokes, Funny jokes, Gay jokes, GenderInstrumentIT jokes, Knock Knock jokes, Lawyers jokes, Life jokes, Little Johnny jokes, Marriage jokes, Math jokes, Medicine jokes, Men jokes, Military jokes, Money jokes, Other jokes, Ouch jokes, Parents jokes, Police jokes, Political jokes, Real jokes, Redneck jokes, Relationships jokes, Religious jokes, School jokes, Science jokes, Situations jokes, Sports jokes, Stupid jokes, Travel jokes, Women jokes, Workplace jokes, Yo Mama jokes...

【免費娛樂App】Joke bank-APP點子

More than 17000 jokes available now and next 25000 joke will be updated day by day.

【免費娛樂App】Joke bank-APP點子

Offline reading mode, no need to connect to Internet all time, just download database for the first time and whenever you want to update the new jokes. (note: you have to have a sd card)

【免費娛樂App】Joke bank-APP點子

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