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【免費家庭片App】Jokowi Jump-APP點子

Jokowi is one of real super hero from Indonesia. Jokowi has been an active, high-profile governor of Jakarta. He has followed the practice (known as blusukan) of regularly arranging well-publicised visits to local communities, often in quite poor areas, across Jakarta (see below).

About this Game :

Jokowi likes jumping and air stunts. You must prevent Jokowi from falling down. Please try to stand pretty Jokowi never falling in front of world!!!

【免費家庭片App】Jokowi Jump-APP點子

Rules is simple, just tap screen to jump and don't forget to save your score.

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【免費家庭片App】Jokowi Jump-APP點子

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【免費家庭片App】Jokowi Jump-APP點子

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